Spectrum DX (X140)


Matsumoku  to Jan 1987, 1985 to 87


According to the  May 1987 advertisement for the DX, the Bendmaster FT trem had been replaced by the Bendmaster Deluxe.
First appears in the 1985/6 catalogue but does not appear in the US pricelists until August 1986, last appearance is in the Sept 1987 pricelist
Available in a black red or white Imron finish


  • body: solid Maple
  • neck: hard Maple
  • fingerboard: Rosewood
  • graphite nut
  • 25.5 inch scale
  • 22 frets
  • two Magnaflux I  UBC humbuckers
  • Bendmaster FT trem with FT string lock
  • Single volume  tone controls
    – the tone control is a push-pull switch for coil tap
Spectrum DX frontSpectrum DX body
New! Jan 2015
This ‘rescue’ DX courtesy of Forum member Barry: (click to enlarge)

Spectrum DX Front -Mar2Spectrum DX Body Back-Mar2 Spectrum DX Body Front -Mar2  Spectrum DX Headstock Locknut -Mar2










All original except for home made control covers and NOS replacement locking plates and trem bar. Pickups are the low output UBC’s which have since been replaced with a higher output alnico Wilkinson’s.